Refund & Return policy is always beside you to provide any assistance whenever required. We maintain some inevitable rules and regulations regarding refund and return of clothes. To return the delivered clothes, the clothes should be in following conditions.

1. If the designs of the delivered clothes are not matched with the ordered ones, these can be returned to’s office.
2. Clients can also send back the received clothing to our office if the size of the clothes are not identical with the ordered clothes.
3. If any visible tears are found in clothes, these can also be returned.
Even though the issues mentioned here are very unlikely to happen, still our best endeavors will be carried to provide the best service to our valued clients.

Before sending clothes back to’s office, certain conditions should be followed.

1. Purchasers must inform us about the troubles associated with the clothes as soon as they receive the delivery. To get the refund, they should inform us through email( or call (+8801891651755) within 72 hours after receiving the clothes. Furthermore, the clothes must be returned to’s office within 7 days. The packets of the clothes should be in good condition.

To provide the refunds to the clients concerned, follows some strict rules.

1. The shipping charge of the clothes will be deducted from the refunded value.
2. Paid money will be returned to customers within 15 days. Those who pay through “cash on delivery” system, they will get the payment back in their respective bKash or Rocket accounts. Moreover, refunds will also be made to the accounts concerned those who pay through credit or debit card.
3. If the delivered clothes are not received by the customers concerned and the clothes are returned the’s office, those individuals will also be considered to get the refunds (card payers). Importantly, the shipping charge will be subtracted from the refunded value.

Our customer care team is always active to provide any assistance. Call at +8801891651755 or send mail to for any queries.